Coffee brewing

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the name for the regular basket style coffee pot most people probably use everyday.  Despite being incredibly straight forward use, there is still some information which may be helpful in improving the quality of your coffee.

Many cheap coffee pots (like the Mr Coffee pot shown below) will dispense water which is far too hot onto the grounds resulting in an over-extraction of the coffee which can bring out unwanted flavors and acidity.  Unfortunately, in most cases its impossible to control this variable or adjust after manufacturing.  There are several coffee makers available which control the brew temperature better resulting in higher quality coffee. Below are two highly regarded coffee pots worth looking into if you’re trying to maintain the convenience of a drip coffee maker and want to ensure you’re getting the best flavors out of your coffee.

Both the Bonavita (which I personally own) and the Moccamaster are designed to dispense hot water evenly over the grounds with a shower style head hovering over the basket.  They are also both certified by the SCCA (Specialty Coffee Association of Ameria) to control and brew coffee with the ideal water temperature of ~200F.

The Bonavita recently jumped up in price. Currently it starts at ~$130 for the 5 cup coffee maker and jumps up to ~$150 for the 8cup maker.  You can often find sales which lower this price down to ~$100 mark.  While it’s nothing special to look at, it brews great coffee very consistently and the included thermal carafe can keep the coffee hot for several hours.

If you are looking for the best of the best, the Moccamaster’s price ranges from ~$300-350 and are available in seemingly infinite colors.  On paper the Moccamaster is quite similar to the much cheaper Bonavita maker, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one of these beautifully designed Italian machines one day.

Mr. Coffee
-Bonavita 8Cup maker with Thermal Carafe
-Moccamaster 8cup maker with Glass Carafe